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Welcome to the GIVE shirt movement!

Please help us increase the global consciousness of giving.

When we wear the GIVE shirt people see the word give and think more about giving.  When they give more they feel better.  Those to whom they give also begin giving more, and feeling better.  Gradually the world becomes a more giving, and thus healthier, happier, and better place!

Plus, ALL PROCEEDS are given to other charities!

In Thailand I experienced people freely give everything.  And they are the happiest people I’ve ever seen.  I began dedicating my life to helping others also be truly happy by sharing this powerful message of giving.  For Christmas I asked everybody to please not give me any “things”.  My brother gave me a shirt with the word “give” on the front.

I tried to buy a couple more shirts just like it, and couldn’t find one!  I had to have them made, and it cost less to make 12, so I was going to give some to others.  Suddenly I realized … “Why not have thousands made so the act of giving can be promoted by even more people?  And the whole process can be about giving, so I won’t keep any money, and give all of the proceeds to charities!”

Thus, the GIVE shirt movement was born.

Thomas Budde, Ph.D. – Founder/Operator

[audio](Please click the arrow above to play the theme song, specially written and recorded for the GIVE shirt movement, by Essens3:


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