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Our mission is increasing the global consciousness of giving.  We do this in multiple ways, including by distributing clothing printed with the word “give”.  Donations received cover the expenses, and ALL PROCEEDS are given to numerous other good causes.  Since being founded in 2007, we have always been 100% Volunteer-Operated.  We use only 100% ORGANIC cotton and ECO-FRIENDLY ink, reuse boxes and mailing envelopes, etc. is more than an official 501(c)(3) non-profit charity – it is an international movement changing the world at multiple levels.  And it is all about giving, including to the environment, this earth, future generations, etc.  We also participate in the making of Native American Musical Instruments (e.g., drums, flutes, and maracas) and Plant Medicines (e.g., Hape), uniquely colorful and loose-fitting spiritual clothing (yoga pants, etc.) and jewelry (coconut shell rings, etc.) HAND-MADE in Thailand, ORGANIC Propolis, etc.  We also sell LEMURIAN Crystals, which I buy from a small vendor in Colombia, who receives them directly from the mine.  And ORGANIC Palo Santo – various-sized LOGS (which I’ve never seen anywhere!) and smaller sticks for burning.  Funds collected from these sales help pay our living and travel expenses so we can continue operating the GIVE shirt movement voluntarily, and bring it to more areas/festivals/events!

Why give? 

Nothing feels better than giving without expecting anything in return. The focus here is not on “me”.  Rather, the emphasis is on others.  The difference made in the lives of others when they receive is much larger than can actually be seen, and is experienced by more people than can be imagined.

Think about a time when you were given something – anything.  How has that changed your life?  And how has it led you to help someone else?  Giving creates a powerful domino effect – globally.  And it is a practice that has lost much of its appeal in our modern culture, but you can be part of the solution.

 Our mission: 

1)   Increase awareness of the effects of giving, to benefit people throughout the world for generations to come.

2)   Contribute directly to the giving process (ALL PROCEEDS are given to numerous other good causes). 

The world needs your help.  How can you give more?

One idea is to deliver the message of giving to as many people as possible by displaying it on a shirt.  When others see you wear the give shirt, the idea of giving is planted and nourished inside of them, especially when they learn the purpose of the give shirt and how they can also wear one to help make the world a better place.

The giving principle is emphasized throughout the process.  For example, the high quality clothing is made from 100% ORGANIC sustainable cotton, and printed with Eco-Friendly ink.

Every step of the way, the give shirt really is the shirt that keeps on giving.

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