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Runathon Registration

To help promote the 24-Hour Runathon you can:

  • Send a facebook friend request by clicking HERE.  
  • Click HERE to go to the facebook event. Join the event. Invite all of your facebook friends to join.
  • Share the runathon page of the website HERE by clicking on the bottom links to share it on facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Organize a group to run with you, or even a relay to have someone run for each hour during the day.
  • Hang and otherwise distribute the flyer AVAILABLE HERE to promote the event.
  • Contact running groups and stores to get them involved, and have them help promote it, by hanging the flyer, posting on their facebook and website, etc.
  • Contact the media (tv news, online newspaper, printed newspaper, radio, magazines) to have them promote the event. Use the press release available HERE.

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