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c7) Cotton T-Shirt – Infant

c7) Cotton T-Shirt - Infant



You save $5.00 (33%)!

Made from 100% ORGANIC Cotton.  Not only helping the entire world now and for many years to come by taking care of our environment, but also much more comfortable and durable!

Also “Ringspun” and “Fine-Combed”, which is much higher quality than almost all other T-Shirts.  The material is very noticeably much more comfortable.  It is also much more durable with use over time.  It does not break down, snag, wear out, get holes, fall apart at the seems, etc.!  It looks and feels like new after wearing and washing it hundreds of times.

Print/Ink is also Environmentally-Friendly, extremely durable (will not wear off over time), and Reflective on most apparel, making it easy to see in the dark!

Does not shrink when washed/dried.  Generally fits true to size, unless otherwise noted.

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