z2.4) Anti-Chaffing Lubricant Stick – 100% ORGANIC

z2.4) Anti-Chaffing Lubricant Stick - 100% ORGANIC



You save $5.00 (63%)!

100% ORGANIC, All-Natural Anti-Chaffing Lubricant Stick!

The only ORGANIC one that I know of, and works much better than ALL OTHERS I have used, including Glide!

You only need to use a very small amount.  It goes on very easily and cleanly without a mess or slimy/slippery feeling.  Literally lasts all day!  I’ve run almost 100 miles with just 1 application.

Comes in a Stick for easy, no-mess application.

The perfect gift!

Healthier for you, your skin, and the environment, and thus the whole world and everyone one it, including future generations!

Specially-Made labels for the GIVE shirt movement.

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