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Bernie Salazar, “Biggest Loser” Season 5 At Home Winner, says:
“Having had the incredible opportunity to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser Season 5 allowed me the chance to improve my health and gain a new lease on life.  My transformation was not only physical it was emotional and spiritual.  While on the show I would often ask myself “what had I done to be so fortunate?”  I arrived at the conclusion that my good fortune was due in large part to the fact that I was surrounded by friends and family who were wonderfully supportive and dedicated to my well being.  Given this new lease on life I think it only appropriate that I pay forward the good fortune I have been granted by supporting charities that work tirelessly to improve the lives of others.  Wearing the GIVE shirt allows me the opportunity to do just that, honor those who supported me and pay forward my good fortune to others in need.  I stand behind the powerful message of giving to others, and commend Thomas Budde, the creator of the “GIVE” shirt for relaying the powerful message of selflessly giving in an effort to make this world a more caring place!
In Friendship and Support,”
Bernie Salazar
Biggest Loser Season 5 At Home Winner
Chicago, IL

“My mom and I had just finished Al’s run and walk for Children’s Hospital.  It’s always interesting to see the different types of businesses and organizations that find their way to running events.  From offers of free chiropractic consultations to promotions of over-priced running gear.  However, one stand did manage to catch my eye.  In a sea of what seemed to be money hungry companies was a man endorsing just the opposite; to give.  As someone who believes that it is wrong that a majority of us live with such abundance while others go without their basic needs, I was naturally drawn to the message.  It had been presented in such a simply beautiful manner as well, not flashy and flamboyant, but in modest letters on regular t-shirts.  I knew I had to have one for what a great way they were to stress a value so lost in modern day society and so dear to my beliefs.  Immediately I headed to the kiosk, browsed the rack, found a suitable style, color, and size, and made my way to the man who seemed to be distributing the shirts.  It was then when I really became satisfied.

Before taking the money the man explained that all proceeds would go to various charities for the shirts were ordered and distributed completely by volunteers, allowing all money from sales to be used to benefit a number of good causes.  With this in mind, I went home more than pleased.  I had a high quality shirt allowing me to encourage others to lend a helping hand without even opening my mouth!  Furthermore, the money would be used to create positive change in the world.

It’s been several years since that first encounter but I still have my original GIVE shirt.  It is in great shape, and has become a regular in my wardrobe.  Although it’s impossible to know exactly how many people have been affected by or even taken time to read the message on it, I do know it has made an impact.  I can recall a number of times when people asked me about the shirt and were sincerely interested in its history and the mission behind it.  The conversations that have resulted from these curiosities have allowed me to encourage others to give and even more importantly, have introduced me to others who have given me new ways to have a positive effect on the world. Furthermore, considering the amount of double takes I get when wearing the GIVE shirt, I can only imagine how many people have pondered the message without actually talking to me.

With this in mind, when I realized that was looking for volunteers to help forward the movement, I knew I had to get involved.  Helping them spread the joy of giving has been a wonderful experience and truly a blessing.  Please join us today by volunteering, coming to an event, and wearing the GIVE shirt.”

Alex Lutze – 18 years old

“‘The Biggest Loser’ has changed my life for the better.  Being given that opportunity has made me consider all the ways that I can help others.  I happily wear the “give” shirt knowing that I am helping others to become more fortunate the way that I have.”
Maggie King
Biggest Loser Season 5
Denville, NJ

“Thomas has phenomenal dedication and demonstrates tireless effort to a massive and worthy cause.  It is through efforts such as his that a massive shift in the current thinking of the world will take place.
There is no greater message than that of giving.  I fully recommend that everyone support to spread that message.  Check it out.  If you agree with the cause, buy a shirt, wear it, spread the word.
For the best in all of us.”
“What a better place the world would be if we all took the opportunities we have to make someone else’s life better.  These shirts help us, and everyone we meet, to remember that very principle.  It is a great way to keep on principle and on purpose with the world around us.  Wear it proudly and live it loudly.  Here’s to the better world that we all know is possible.”
Dr. Jeremy Barchman
Ontario, Canada

“GIVING is such a simple concept and yet it’s the most profound path to happiness.  I can never be reminded enough of the importance of giving, and when I wear my GIVE shirt it reminds me to do just that, and I actually find myself acting in an even more giving way!  I love how comfortable it is – in fact, it’s my favorite shirt and I wear it 2 or 3 times a week!  I feel great wearing a shirt that is made from organic sustainable cotton and not ethically harmful.  It’s wholesome all the way through, and impossible to be a hypocrite while wearing one, so I encourage everyone to get their hands on it, be happy, and change the world one shirt at a time.”
Jack Arpin – Madison, WI

“I’ve watched Thomas “give” time and time again over the years through various charitable races and sporting events, and “the give shirt” is the ultimate reflection of his spirit.  I cannot think of a more interesting way to encourage donating to charity!  This shirt stirs up more conversation than any other I’ve seen!  And it’s super soft and comfortable to wear.  BUY IT!!!!”
Theresa Sebestyen – New Berlin, WI

“To give is to live…thank you for the loving reminder to give.  I wear my t-shirt with pride and smile knowing the difference it makes.”
Annie Almasi – Milwaukee, WI

“Every time I wear my give shirt, I smile knowing I’m sending out the loving message of how nice it feels to give.”
Jennifer B. – Chicago, IL

“If the ’90’s were characterized by a ‘me-me’ mentality, perhaps the ’00 (double ought’s) will be characterized by a ‘you-you’ one, with a return to selflessness through giving.  Giving — whether large or small, whether monetary or in service or time to/for others, truly IS liberating to an individual.  Try it and you’ll see!  Just like the Grinch, our heart CAN grow “three sizes”… today!  Who knows, maybe the GIVE shirt will become the “smiley face” t-shirt of this generation!  Free from religious or commercial trappings, it is a simply and highly visible reminder that will encourage others to adopt the ‘American way’, helping others in need — wherever and however we can…  Kudos Thomas!…”
J. J. Frueling – Madison, WI

“I love wearing mine because it has helped people think more about giving.  However, I feel giving people an opportunity so they can give more is even better.  Like teach people how to fish and they can feed themselves for a lifetime, give them a fish and it’s over that day!”
Connie O – Independent Distributor –

“The GIVE shirt is a wonderful thing!  I have worked in the not for profit world for more than a decade at Junior Achievement, and it makes a real difference when even a 10 dollar donation comes in unsolicited.  If you are looking for a way to buy a top of the line shirt with a message that we can all get our arms around, while also supporting your favorite not for profit organization; the GIVE shirt is for you!”
Manny Garczynski – Milwaukee, WI

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